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The joint work of the Benevolence Today Coalition of 35 charities ends in March 2010 after the end of its project life cycle. 

We want to thank all who have supported the campaign. At the end of three years, the benevolent sector is a giant step closer to having a new, stronger position which allows it to help more people. By working in partnership with others, Benevolence Today partners have helped 20% more people in 2009 than in 2006, when they set out to find new ways of reaching those who need help most.

For Benevolent Charities

UmbrellaBenevolence Today has been working in partnership with ACO, the Association of Charity Officers.

If you work for a benevolent charity and would like to learn more about ACO or become a member, please visit ACO's website directly.

ACO provides training, consults its members on policy developments, and brings members together in Special Interest Groups.


The work of Benevolence Today as a coalition of charities ends in March 2010.

Download the Final Report which analyzes outcomes, impact and lessons from the coalition's work between 2007 and 2010.

The report investigates capacity-issues in the benevolent sector and maps potential growth areas for benevolent charities' future work and partnership with other organisations and agencies. What have we learnt and achieved?

Contact Coalition Partners

Find links to Benevolence Today Coalition charities' websites here. The Coalition ends its joint work in March 2010.

Or download a list of charities in PDF format.

Benevolence Today Directory 2009_10


Search our partner site Turn2us to find help for yourself, a friend or your clients.

Turn2us' database gives access to thousands of grant-giving charities. Importantly, the site also offers an excellent benefits checker which allows you to check for help which may be available from the state.

Link to turn2us charity database for help

How Benevolence Works

You can still download Benevolence Today's Working in Partnership brochure.

This gives a sound introduction to benevolence and grant-giving charities to other charities and agencies which may benefit from referring people in need to grant-givers. It explains how benevolent grant-giving relates to statutory benefits and what the main eligibility criteria are for applications.

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