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Helping Individuals_ImageBenevolence is a very old concept, as old as charity.

When you're in trouble, struggling to make ends meet, considering your care options or going through a crisis, it still often feels a big step to ask a charity for help. But there are thousands of charities that can and want to help.

In the case of benevolent funds, a special type of charity, they can often give cash grants to people with specific backgrounds, and they are non-judgemental and just there to help. So if you have been thinking about asking for help, use our  tpartner charity's website to look for help.

Don't be put off if charities' names sound old-fashioned and cumbersome. Many of the Benevolence Today partner charities may have names coined in the 19th century, some started off as what was known as 'Widows' and Orphans' Funds'.

But benevolent charities have moved and grown with the times, and now exist to help people with 21st century issues - whether that's children in difficulties, single parents, people with complex physical needs or the many others that benefit from their suppo

Do you suffer from the impact of the recession? Are you facing redundancy, money problems or stress? Some Benevolence Today coalition charities published support materials for recession-related problems in 2008/09 which may be useful.

Want to Contact a Charity for Help Directly?

Don't forget to check whether one of the Benevolence Today charities could help you directly. Find a list of them in the coalition partner directory - their names will give you a hint whether they might be of use in your individual case. If not, go on to Turn2us where you can find hundreds more charities as well as a useful benefits checker.

You can also search the ACO Help Directory to find a charity to help you!

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Are you looking for help?

Do you, a friend or a relative need help? Whatever the circumstances, check whether we can help! We often can also give advice on getting the right state benefits!


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